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Brownback threatens teachers with layoffs

In a pathetic attempt to distract from reality the Governor says he must sign the education bill immediately or he will have to send layoff notices to teachers. But for those of you who live in reality the court deadline is July 1st, almost 3 months from now. He has plenty of time to veto this bill and make the Legislature do it right. So bring on the empty threats and distractions!

"He said if he doesn’t sign the bill, layoff notices will soon start going out to teachers." -Wichita Eagle

Is this how the Governor handles deadlines? You shouldn't hand your homework in early if you haven't finished it yet. He is so concerned about teachers losing their jobs, he has to strip them of the right to due process! He also appears to be suffering from memory loss, as he is suddenly unsure of his ability to use the line item veto power.

"Brownback also said he doesn’t know whether he has the authority to selectively veto the part of the bill dealing with teacher tenure and due process, or whether he must make an all-or-nothing decision to veto the entire bill or let it become law."

That's cute, "Let it become law". You just as well put your signature on it Governor, you own it. It is too late to distance yourself from your hand picked House. Denying awareness of the details doesn't absolve you, but that won't stop you from trying.

"I don’t have the bill yet to look at and examine the bill what all’s in the language of it, and we will,” he said. “I’m just saying our time frames are tight and the money issue is critical.”

You see, he simply hasn't read the bill, doesn't know his veto rights, and doesn't have time for the details. So the only thing left is to sign it. Nothing to see here, move along.

And then there is this statement completely lacking in self-awareness.

"Line-item veto normally only applies to appropriations,” Brownback said. “It’s an appropriations bill, but the language itself is not an appropriation.”

I believe we've been saying that all along Governor. Don't worry, we will help you with your memory this election season.

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