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Brownback's biggest export: Kansans

Fred Mann | The Wichita Eagle 

More people have been leaving Kansas than moving here over the last four years, new Census figures show.

The state experienced a net loss of 10,197 people because of outward migration from 2010 through July 1, 2013, according to numbers released Thursday by the Census Bureau.


Sedgwick County saw more people leave from 2010 to 2013 than any other county in the state, with a net loss of 5,236 people. Wyandotte and Shawnee counties each lost about 1,500 people to migration during that time.

“Our region suffered greatly during the recession,” Chase said in the e-mail. “While there are signs of new momentum beginning to show, it will be several years before the data reflects much net improvement. During the recession the metro area shed over 32,000 jobs and we have regained approximately 7,000. People are forced to follow jobs.”

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