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The dangerous education bill being forced down the throats of Kansans didn't just write itself. The people demanded a clean bill, one meant to improve public ed, but instead the Senate and House built an ideological Trojan horse. The law rewards the wishes of Brownback's largest corporate sponsors instead of meeting the needs of students, teachers, or parents.

Here is the ransom note from the Koch brothers to Kansas legislators PRIOR to the vote on the education bill.

In a pathetic attempt to distract from reality the Governor says he must sign the education bill immediately or he will have to send layoff notices to teachers. But for those of you who live in reality the court deadline is July 1st, almost 3 months from now. He has plenty of time to veto this bill and make the Legislature do it right. So bring on the empty threats and distractions!

The education bill has passed the Legislature and is now waiting for the Governor's signature. Will he stand by the kids of Kansas and veto this bill? Or will he choose to satisfy his campaign donors, no matter how many parents he offends? I think we all know the answer to that, but let's take a look at what the two sides have to say. First up, the Koch brothers...

Leaving every child in the state behind, Governor Brownback promised to sign the public education bill that shifts the costs to local communities. This will raise both city and county taxes while poorer school districts will fall further behind. Not to mention that due process has been eliminated for K-12 teachers. How dare they expect to be treated fairly! Meanwhile, another poll shows Paul Davis ahead in Governors race.

Good times ahead as the Governor tries to squeeze a bill out of the Kansas House and Senate today. Kansas needs an education bill and it must be done before our Congress Critters can go home. Both chambers are scrambling to stuff whatever pet ideological schemes they can into the process. Now the Governor needs to get them to settle which bad ideas they intend to jam down the throats of Kansas parents.

So what will make the cut? Will it be lower teacher hiring standards, shifting costs to local taxes, eliminating due process for teachers, stealing from pensions, or cutting funding for virtual schools? How about banning the use of Common Core standards? As the Wichita Eagle reports

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