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Brad Cooper | The Kansas City Star

Sam Brownback relied on a loan from his lieutenant governor to raise slightly more money this year than his Democratic challenger

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H. Edward Flentje | The Wichita Eagle

Republican primary voters have the first opportunity to shape the future direction of state politics. So check out the candidates. Get out and vote on Aug. 5.

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Craig Harrington | Media Matters for America

Heritage Foundation chief economist Stephen Moore was caught using incorrect statistics to mislead readers about the relationship between tax cuts and job creation in the United States.

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The Garden City Telegram

Kansas has plenty of serious issues. Add the threat of disrupting a health insurance program that has served us well to the long, growing list of concerns created by Brownback and company.

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Western Kansas is ready to try something new after test driving Sam Brownback's “red state model.” This Saturday top Democratic candidates will lay out a new vision for Kansas, one without Koch brother puppet strings. Join Congressional candidate Jim Sherow in downtown Hutchinson for a way forward. Also speaking is Secretary of State candidate Jean Schodorf with State House candidate Brian Davis. Even Lt. Governor candidate Jill Docking will visit. Let's help Sam Brownback, Kris Kobach, and Tim Huelskamp pack up their tea party and go.

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