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Editorial | Garden City Telegram

It makes no sense. State lawmakers in the next legislative session — hopefully under new leadership — should reverse the Medicaid stance and allow a health-care program that’s long worked well for many Kansans.

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Phillip Brownlee | Wichita Eagle

Gov. Sam Brownback says that his economic policies are working in Kansas, “and don’t let anybody tell you any different.”

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Editorials | Emporia Gazette

Maybe, like computer software, version 2.0 of Gov. Sam Brownback’s “Road Map” for Kansas is intended to improve upon the flaws in version 1.0. But it is hard to have much confidence the latest release will perform any better.

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Jason Probst | Hutchinson News

That reality puts the burden of financing rural hospitals squarely on the backs of the rural residents who want and need those hospitals in their communities. Throughout the state, voters have approved local bond issues and other financing to upgrade, repair and finance the operations of their small hospitals.

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