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Yael T. Abouhalkah | The Kansas City Star

If Brownback is re-elected Tuesday, he has brazenly promised to keep the tax cuts coming. That would further jeopardize state services in the future, when budgets will have to be slashed become of inadequate revenue. Kansas needs new leadership with the election of Paul Davis on Tuesday.

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Dion Lefler | The Wichita Eagle

In the final monthly income report before Tuesday’s election for governor, state tax revenue for October was $23 million below estimates – and $27.7 million below the same month last year.

Gary Younge | The Guardian

In 2006, Kansas Republican Sam Brownback was crowned “God’s Senator” by Rolling Stone magazine. As he struggles for re-election as governor in this reliably conservative state, he is now praying for divine intervention.

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Hillsboro Free Press | Staff

If we were inclined to endorse candidates, we could not endorse Gov. Sam Brownback.

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Mark Binelli | Rolling Stone

The last time I came to Kansas, in March 2013, Brownback could often be found wandering the halls of the state Capitol, sporting one of his signature sweater vests, smiling and nodding at passing strangers or offering impromptu lectures to schoolchildren paused in front of the oil painting of John Brown, the fearsome Kansas abolitionist, that hangs outside his office. 

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