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Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback on MSNBC's Daily Rundown | Chuck Todd

 "I don’t have any regrets it’s not the actual plan we put forward. It’s stimulated investment. It’s stimulating people coming into the state. We’ve got a record number of new businesses. We’ve got a record number of people working in the state of Kansas. So it’s really starting to work the way we hoped it would."

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Duane Goossen | The Kansas Budget


This one-year revenue decline already eclipses the income losses Kansas faced over the entire Great Recession when revenue fell $618 million during a three-year period (FY 2007 to FY 2010).

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Staff | Winfield Daily Courier

Kobach even described the voters in limbo — 18.5 percent of the total attempted registrations since Jan. 1, 2013 — as "actually a pretty small percentage of the people who have registered since Jan. 1 (2013)."

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Republicans for Kansas Values

Here's why 104 GOP current or former public or political office holders declare, "we reject Gov. Brownback’s political agenda and divisive style of leadership and believe Kansans deserve better."

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The Editorial Board | The New York Times 

There was a windstorm of hasty excuses in recent weeks after Kansas reported that it took in $338 million less than expected in the 2014 fiscal year and would have to dip heavily into a reserve fund. Spending wasn’t cut enough, said conservatives. Too many rich people sold off stock in the previous year, state officials said. It’s the price of creating jobs, said Gov. Sam Brownback.


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