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Families who deal with members who face mental disabilities understand that with proper treatment, help and a good plan their family members can lead a productive life.  Unfortunately, these services have costs - and they also require proper planning and require a state house who is willing to serve them.

J-W Staff | Lawrence Journal World

The regents need to acknowledge the political realities involved, but if they aren’t going to make this case to state legislators, who will?

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Bob Grover | The Emporia Gazette

“It’s been really good to get out and talk about education ... we’ve done a lot — increased funding in record amounts for the state, improved the pension system for teachers," lied Brownback.

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Staff | Lawrence Journal World

It would have been surprising if the state’s switch to a new managed-care Medicaid system had occurred without any bumps, but 18 months in and troublesome issues continue to plague the system and, consequently, the patients and providers.

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Duane Goossen | The Kansas Budget

In the 2008/2009 school year, school budgets were based on a per pupil amount of $4,400. For the upcoming 2014/2015 school year, lawmakers budgeted $3,852.

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