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And can we get an Amen, Governor?


"I think the real needs in the country are for cultural renewal."

Sam Brownback describing his political philosophy on NPR.


That's not what we meant, Sam.


As you read about the Kansas education bill in the mainstream media you notice a lot of superficial news articles but not much research put into the long term results. Or the short term beneficiaries. Stop Brownback has found an excellent breakdown of the bill, an accurate cost/benefit analysis for the future of education (and profits) in Kansas. The author talks to education experts from Universities and the teachers Union. He also speaks with politicians and Conservative think tanks. The results are not looking good for students. From the author...

In a breath taking attempt to be no things to any people Brownback has bobbed and weaved himself into a corner. He promised local leaders in Emporia that he will sign the education bill. A few hours later he told reporters in Wichita he had not made up his mind and was even considering using his veto power on the bill. Then he tells the same reporters he can't use the line item veto. Are we to believe that he is considering vetoing the entire bill?

The dangerous education bill being forced down the throats of Kansans didn't just write itself. The people demanded a clean bill, one meant to improve public ed, but instead the Senate and House built an ideological Trojan horse. The law rewards the wishes of Brownback's largest corporate sponsors instead of meeting the needs of students, teachers, or parents.

Here is the ransom note from the Koch brothers to Kansas legislators PRIOR to the vote on the education bill.

In a pathetic attempt to distract from reality the Governor says he must sign the education bill immediately or he will have to send layoff notices to teachers. But for those of you who live in reality the court deadline is July 1st, almost 3 months from now. He has plenty of time to veto this bill and make the Legislature do it right. So bring on the empty threats and distractions!

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